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Straps of Bandsman and Oiltan Bull Leather

Image showing leather straps of Bandsman and Oiltan Buff Leather

We specialize in leather, especially leather driven by our British tanning history.

Footwear leathers (sole and upper) that would have been familiar to Roman soldiers at their outposts along Hadrian’s wall, to medieval armor bearers, to straps and accoutrements for both the English and US Civil Wars, to high fashion glovers throughout the Royal courts of Europe, to drive belts and machine parts on the factory floors driving the industrial revolution, to saddlers and harness makers- and on through revolutions in leather technology to today’s performance leathers in sports gloves, footwear, saddlery, and more.

We cater particularly to leatherworkers working by hand, offering not only leathers but also offer a wide range of tools, needles, hand sewing threads, natural wool for saddle flocking and other supplies. Please have a look around the shop, and phone or send a message if you have questions.

Ken Chapman - Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

Ken Chapman Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.
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