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Straps of Bandsman and Oiltan Bull Leather

Image showing leather straps of Bandsman and Oiltan Buff Leather

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Make a note: #419.
This is the "Booth" booth number at the American Equestrian Trade Association show in Oaks PA, August 10-12
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Please come and have a look at our leathers from traditional English tanners including Thos Ware & Sons, J&E Sedgwick, Spire Leather, and Pittards, as well as leatherworking tools from C.S. Osborne and rawhide mallets from Garland Manufacturing.

Joining me will be Barry Knight of Thos Ware. Barry has several decades of experience in making and selling heavy leather, running the entire gamut of tannages from medieval to modern. If you have any questions about leather, Barry is the man with answers.

We hope to see you soon.

Ken Chapman - Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

Ken Chapman Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

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