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Ken Chapman - Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

Claytons Tannery

Sadly, rumors are true that, after 178 years in business, the Clayton Leather Group has gone into receivership. Whilst the dust is still settling, it appears the J&E Sedgwick will remain unchanged, producing their traditional Bridle Leather, but under new ownership. Booth will remain their agent in the USA.

Concerning the specialty leathers made by Claytons- Oiltan Buff, Bandsman, Billet leather, etc - Booth will be partnering with another UK tannery, who use the same top quality UK/European hides, and the same pit and drum tanning methods, to make those leathers. There may be a short period of transition, but I am confident that the transition will be smooth. Thank you all for your confidence in Booth! Any questions, please ask.

Ken Chapman - Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

Ken Chapman Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

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