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I recently reported that the Clayton Leather Group had gone into administration, a form of bankruptcy that allows time to, hopefully, reorganize. We now have good news! The Clayton tannery is back in business, reorganized with a new name and new ownership, Spire Leather Co, Ltd. The premises, products, and personnel remain largely unchanged. After a period of start-up, their leathers should begin flowing again soon.

Meanwhile the other unit of the Clayton Leather Group, J&E Sedgwick, Ltd, has been sold as a stand-alone company and will continue unchanged at their current site in Walsall.

Also, I am pleased to confirm that Booth will now also offer an in-stock program of leathers from Thos Ware & Sons Ltd of Bristol, England, tanners of heavy veg and specialty leathers.

I look forward to serving you all with this new and expanded range of quality leathers from the best of British heavy leather tanners, added to the Light Leathers from Pittards of Yeovil, and leatherworking tools from CS Osborne of the USA.

Ken Chapman - Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

Ken Chapman Owner, Booth & Co, Inc.

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