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Booth & Co About Us

For 150 years, Booth & Company have been involved in the leather industry, collecting raw material through a worldwide network of suppliers, and producing leather in tanneries in Europe, the USA, and Africa, working with customers to produce technically advanced leathers for top performance in tough environments.

Ken Chapman, the current owner, first worked in tanneries in 1968, learned every process and machine operation from beamhouse to warehouse, moved from production to sales, since 1982 in Peabody MA, distributing unique leathers, particularly from English tanners Claytons of Chesterfield and Pittards, as well as related products such as leatherworking tools from Dixons of Walsall.

Our leathers include lightweight and elegant sheepskin for wedding gloves, to heavy tough oxhide for the bellows in the 17thC blast furnace at the Saugus Iron works, and every trade in between.